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Oasis Boys Hostel Indore Oasis Girls Hostel Indore Oasis studio appartment Indore
Boys Hostel
Oasis – 'The Boys’ Villa' is arguably one of the best hostels in Indore. It enjoys a prime location of Ring Road and is only a walking distance away from the City Bus Stop. There are two options available for rooms.Two-bed set and three-bed set rooms. 
Girls Hostel
Oasis Girls' Hostel is one of the safest, most comfortable and the best girls' hostels in Indore. A brand new hostel building awaits you at VIP Paraspar, Ring Road. It's only a walking distance from City Bus Stop that makes it easier for girls to commute. more...
Studio Appartment
Studio Apartment is a unique and modern living concept, designed especially for Working Executives and students. The Apartment caters to specific needs of safety, comfort and privacy of tenants. Studio Apartment offers small private apartments fully more...